Composite Fillings and Insurance Reimbursement

Presently, all restorations placed in our practice will be composite in origin unless there is a functional reason to do otherwise.

For those of you with dental insurance coverage, we need to inform you that many insurance companies view the use of composite restorations of molar teeth to be a cosmetic choice. In case, the insurance company will generally pay a benefit but it will be based on their "usual and customary fee" for an amalgam (silver) restoration, leaving the patient responsible for the remaining non-covered balance.

For example, the fee for a one surface composite restoration (white, tooth-colored filling) in our office is $123. Delta Dental Insurance will base their benefit on a "usual and customary fee" of $85, passing the additional $38 difference in fees on to the patient, in addition to the copayment portion (usually 20% or 50%).

If this creates a financial problem for you, please discuss your options with Dr. Kastner before treatment begins.



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