WELCOME! Thank you for considering our office to serve your dental health needs. We are here to provide quality, comprehensive dental treatment in a friendly, caring atmosphere. Our goal is to help patients achieve optimal dental health throughout their lifetime.

Dr. Kastner and his staff are progressive in delivering to you the finest care available anywhere. All techniques and dental materials are of the highest quality and latest technology.

Due to Dr. Kastner’s years of continuing education, his advanced certifications in many aspects of dentistry, and his ongoing participation in national dental materials evaluation groups, he feels strongly about his mode of treatment for his patients.

In the last few years, our office has made a steady shift from amalgam restorations (silver fillings) to composite restorations (tooth colored fillings). We believe composite restorations are today’s standard of care.

Historically, amalgam has served dentistry well for over 100 years. But with the advent of newer, more esthetic, more retentive porcelain and composite restorations we have made a conscious effort to limit the use of amalgam/mercury restorations in our practice.

Presently, all restorations placed in our practice will be composite in origin unless there is a functional reason to do otherwise.

To learn more about insurance reimbursement for composite restorations, click here.

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